Attract Your Soulmate

How to Use the Law of Attraction to Attract Your Soulmate

This is the story of how I found my Beloved. It is intimate and sacred, and the reason why I am willing to share with you such a story is because I know there is no more powerful resource in the world than a woman who is truly loved and no more destructive force than a woman, embittered. So bear with me, the story is lengthy (you can print it out by pressing the printer icon above, and enjoy it over a cup of coffee, or as a friend did, in a bubble bath : ) You will be sure to be amazed at how magical and supportive the Universe can be if you allow yourself full connection with your own divinity.

The Not So Distant Past

6 years ago I was a very different person than I am now. I was a deeply emotional being who was extremely critical of the self and quite a perfectionist. I attended U.C. Berkeley for my undergraduate work and went to NYU Grad Film to become a filmmaker. While in grad school, I balanced a highly competitive and ego-centric atmosphere with a deep love for metaphysical and esoteric knowledge. AND I was in a karmic relationship with a fiancé who I loved deeply but who triggered me intensely.

Everyone has different things that trigger him or her, for me it was infidelity. My parents were not faithful to one another. In their language of relationship, infidelity was akin to a kind of love dance. Their unconscious posture was, “Hey if you were jealous and possessive of someone then you cared for them, right?” They were not aware that their dance translated into a twisted sadness within me, a deep fear of intimacy and distrust of men. So with this view of the world, what kind of relationships do you think I would attract?

As you know, the law of attraction plays out in the midst of love not in spite of it. So four months before the wedding, my fiancé informed me that he had a lap dance in Tokyo on his business trip. For many women, this may not seem like such a big deal, but our triggers are always tailored to our own particular fears. When he saw how distraught I was, he swore that he would not do it again, that it was simply because a business partner brought him there for a meeting and he was curious…and since I loved him so deeply, I convinced myself that it was a one time fluke..well it was not. A month before my wedding, everything had been finalized, location, band, caterer, dress was being made, guests had booked their tickets, gifts had already started to arrive. My fiancé returns from his bachelor’s party and remarks, “Honey there was a good omen for the wedding, I met this woman who went to your high school and who is Asian. ” “What woman?” I asked. “Oh the one who gave me a lap dance…” As in shock as I was, I could see the bizarre accuracy of the universe at work. This man, self-centered as he was, was not crazy. What he was saying was so strange (how could a lap dancer be a good omen for a wedding, no matter which way you cut it?) it was as if the universe was saying “is this still your trigger? Do you still believe you deserve this?”

At the time I did not have a clue about divine partnership or the concept of a “beloved”, I did know however that I could no longer walk down the aisle with anything but a grin of terror across my face. So although it felt like catastrophe, losing face in Chinese culture is especially humiliating, I walked away from the wedding.

I chose at that moment that I would not accept a life for myself that compromised my values but I also realized that I needed help in what I was creating.

And so I went on a shamanic journey and studied with top metaphysical intuitives, learning all about the law of attraction and the art of manifestation. I gained much wisdom yet none of them were in relationships that I would call divine. I continued and faced some of the deepest and darkest shadows of the self, and it was not until I used my own methods of manifestation and intuitive work that I was able to not only find but more importantly to accept my beloved.

How My Connection to the Divine Helped Me Manifest Him…

But enough of that, you want to hear about the good stuff, how I magically manifested my divine partner…and when I say magical it is layered with miracles, because with the Divine, miracles are the truth and everything else is fiction.

In 2004, after having been a metaphysical practitioner for a few years, I had transformed quite a bit. I had experienced a revolution with my emotions, and flipped my emotional state from being mostly worried, anxious and moody to mostly joyful, peaceful and was just around the corner from being mostly ecstatic. I had been meditating for years, and even had an experience where I found myself illuminated and surrounded by golden light for an entire evening. It was so incredibly blissful I wondered why I was on a planet that could have so much suffering if it could be otherwise. When I asked this question, I heard, “you are to bring that here.” I was a bit conf

Marriage Strong

5 Small Ways to Keep Your Marriage Strong

With the divorce rate in America closing in on 50 percent, there comes a time when you need to know how to make your marriage work. Let’s face it, no one gets married thinking it will end in divorce, the majority of people when questioned still believe in “love ever-after.” The trick is finding ways to make your marriage stronger, and continue to keep it strong. There are simple ways in which you can keep your marriage strong.

1. If you are not good at communicating, you will definitely need to learn to communicate effectively with your spouse. By not communicating, as a couple, you begin to fall into a rut and before long you are talking to people outside the marriage more than to each other. Communication is a key to a strong marriage.

2. Showing affection, which does not involve sex, is just a nice way to say, “I appreciate you” or “Thanks for all you do.” Even picking a flower outside and giving it to your wife can be seen in her eyes as very romantic. A little affection goes a long way in keeping a strong marriage.

3. Arguments will happen in a marriage, people are human and when humans live together, there will be disagreements. The key to arguing is keeping to the issue at hand, rather than mud slinging and name-calling. When you get off track by throwing everything your husband or wife has every done wrong in their lives, or calling each other brutal names, you are leaving deep wounds and scars.

4. Spend quality time together. Remember when you first met and everything was new, so you went for long walks, maybe did some adventurous things together. As you settle into your marriage and the kids are grown, you need to make the connection again of spending time together. Couples that do everything separately and do not take time for each other, have a higher percentage of divorce than those that spend time today.

5. Remember the reasons you fell in love often. It’s so easy to forget that you were ever in love and those qualities that drew you together in the first place. By fondly remember why you fell in love, it helps you to appreciate your spouse more today and helps keep the marriage strong.

Final Thoughts

No one gets married thinking it will end in divorce, but if you want the happily ever-after, you do have to do some work on your part to keep the marriage strong. Remember to respect your spouse daily and never make unkind jabs, because these little jabs can turn into serious issues within the marriage. Remember, to change your “bad” ways rather than focusing on your spouses “bad” ways, when both parties focus on their own shortcomings, it makes the marriage stronger.

The Connie Chronicles

The Connie Chronicles

(Believe it or not these are actual events)

I have a friend that brings joy to my life in firework- like bursts, little explosions of pure laughter and childish fun. I get that good feeling of innocence along with the same high expectation of being able to play outside after dinner. Connie sets me up time after time unknowingly. I’m looking for the left punch and out of nowhere I get hit from the right with a comedic jab.

When I took a tai-chi class with Connie, the instructor’s constant mantra was always expect; always be prepared for the unexpected. Connie told her that her young son could get her in a hold and cause her to lose balance. No matter what she did in this playful game, he always won. The teacher asked my friend to replicate exactly what transpires. Connie did. “Ah huh, I see.” The instructor made mental notes on how to coach her. Now Connie, I must add, likes to do things right. She would never knowingly lie, or recount untruths. “Come” said the instructor, “I will prepare you.” In front of the class, as a lesson in self-defense, as well as responding to the unexpected, they took their positions. Connie was role-playing her son. As they start, Connie realizes that she has erred in the dry run-it wasn’t her left foot but her right one! She shuffles with lightning speed so as not to repeat her mistake. Her opposite hand comes up and in the time it takes to crack an egg, our leader is on the floor. Bewildered, embarrassed, she looks up to my friend. “I forgot which foot he uses,” Connie offers. I am truly rolling on the floor trying to catch my breath while others in the group are much more polite and in charge of their emotions. I never returned to the class. Ever.

Connie once called me from the motor vehicle department. My “frosted”-haired friend inquired, “I’m filling out a form and I have to state my hair color. Would you say it’s blonde or brown?” In one of my proudest come back moments, without missing a beat I reply, “If you have to ask, it’s blonde.”

Walking to my mailbox one day she said “Please mail this for me. I’ve been carrying it around in my purse for a couple of weeks.” Handing me a bulky envelope I asked innocently, “What’s in it?” “My stool sample” Connie returned brightly. “Isn’t there a shelf life for these things?” I managed to squeeze out before I dissolved in laughter.

Under very odd circumstances on a wintry afternoon, I was supposed to meet a strange man at his house for a consultation. In a phone call his voice was eerie and chant- like to me. I was nervous that he might actually be able to hypnotize me during our conversation. I asked Connie to accompany me. I spoke of my concern and told her of the strange quality of his voice. It would be a rather exciting adventure as this person dealt in the occult. The man graciously invited us into his small-overheated house. Connie sat in a comfortable chair. The man and I shared a sofa and started in on the business at hand. His voice floated and thumped with the smooth cadence of a small drum. At times I lost what he was saying and fell into the pulsing rhythm. Thank goodness I had someone with me! Forty minutes into our meeting I broke his gaze and turned to visually check on my friend. There I saw Connie, head tilted back comfortably, mouth agape and blissfully sleeping.

A good friend in our group was moving away. Three of us took her out to dinner. Connie brought a camera and asked the waitress to capture us in a touching farewell. A week later as Connie and I were canoeing, she told me she was very disappointed with the keepsake photo. Half of my head and half another friends’ face had been cut off, in a too quick Kodak moment. “Too bad” I said. Connie said “It’s all right I couldn’t sleep last night so I worked on it.” “What did you do?” said I, “pencil in our faces?”-Being amusing and looking for the left jab. “Yes,” said my friend “I worked from 4:30 to 6:15 am. I felt bad for Jean. It was supposed to be a memento.” To my utter surprise she produced a montage of two color photos taped together and taped again to white paper. My face and Barbara’s had been painstakingly penciled in with the manner and precision of a plastic surgeon. Even the background blinds and walls had been added- a tribute to our goodbye friend.

Healthy on Your Travels

How to Stay Healthy on Your Travels

Keeping an eye on your health and looking after yourself is important when you’re traveling. You don’t want to miss a thing and that means staying on top form; to give you a helping hand here is a little guide to help you stay fit and healthy throughout your travels…

Before you set off

Making sure you’re in tip top shape starts at home. So before you jet off into the sunset, you need to start preparing. Fitness is important, especially if you’re planning on a spot of adventure travel; a regular exercise regime or joining the gym can do the world of good. And once you’ve got that in place, there are a couple more things for you to think about…


Getting ill anywhere is never fun but getting ill abroad can be scary. Preparation is essential; the first thing you need to do is get your jabs. Everywhere is different so which ones you’ll need depends on where you’re traveling. The best thing to do is speak to your doctor about safety precautions and find out what they recommend.

Possible jabs include:
o Hepatitis B
o Typhoid
o Hepatitis A
o Yellow fever
o Japanese B encephalitis
o Meningitis
o Rabies


If you have any medical conditions, it’s better to be cautious. So when you visit your doctor to talk about immunizations, it’s a good idea to ask what else you need to do to prepare. In most cases, with regular medication, you’ll just need a prescription to see you through your travels. In others, you might have to make arrangements to see a doctor while you’re away; the most important thing is to make sure you’ve got everything you need to stay healthy.

Other medical supplies that you might want to take with you include:

o Pain killers
o Re-hydration tablets
o Throat lozenges
o Cold remedies
o A first aid kit
o Alcohol-based hand washes
o Sunscreen

While you’re away

Traveling inevitably has an impact on your health. In some cases it’s what’s involved in the travel itself, while in others may be what you do while you’re away. Preparing for any problems you might have while you’re away and doing your research could save you whole lot of hassle.

Jet lag
If you’re traveling for long distances and to different time zones, it can take your body a while to catch up. You might find yourself wide-awake in the middle of the night or sleeping in the middle of the day. To minimize the effects, start adjusting your sleep cycle a couple of days in advance. And once you’ve arrived, make sure you drink plenty of water and avoid caffeinated drinks.

Travel sickness

If you suffer from travel sickness, the first thing to do is make sure you’ve got any medication that you take for this. A few tried and tested methods to minimize sickness include; eating a light meal before you travel, looking out of the window instead of at stationary objects and sipping a drink while you travel.

Ear problems

Flying can play havoc with your ears, but if you keep swallowing as the plane takes off and lands, you should be able to minimize discomfort. Ear plugs, and travel sweets can also be helpful. Yawning is good too, but not so easy to do on demand.


Water is generally a big factor here. Try to avoid stomach problems by drinking bottled water, boiling water or purifying it with iodine tablets. If you do come down with something, you’ll need plenty of fluids. Anti diarrhoea and re-hydration tablets should be taken as required, until you get better. Make sure you follow the directions on the label. And if it lasts for more than 3 days, consult a doctor.

Adventures in Mommy Land

Adventures in Mommy Land: Pregnancy

Motherhood is an interesting journey. I think that is something that every mother could agree on. It is full of ups and downs. Often motherhood is just plain funny even if it may not seem so at the time. It all begins with that BFP on a pregnancy test. At that point there are many emotions and thoughts that could be running through your mind. You may be happy, relieved, excited, sad, confused, and scared. You may have been trying for a month or for 5 years or this pregnancy may have been an accident. One thing is for sure, you either just stuck a stick in your pee and had some splash back at your hand or you tried to catch it in a cup and had some splash back and or spill out on your hand so that you could stick an HPT in it and wait for those two lines.

Yes motherhood begins by peeing on yourself. It may not be the last time it happens either. Between jabs and kicks to the bladder and just having a 5-10lb weight sitting on your bladder doesn’t exactly make it easy to hold it all in. Aside from peeing on yourself there are many more great moments in mommy-hood. There is that first trimester period where you look like you have a beer gut for two months and no one thinks you’re pregnant. They just assume you’ve gained a little so they try to avoid saying anything even as you glow with pride and try to stick it out further. Pregnancy: the only time in a girl’s life where she is so excited to show off her belly pooch!

If you’re one of the lucky ones the first trimester will also bring projectile vomiting. I never really understood why they called it morning sickness. It can hit at night, in the afternoon, in church, on a romantic date, and even in the middle of your first trimester trans-vaginal ultrasound. But once again, as you look awful and people ask in a very concerned voice “are you ok?” because you look like you are about to die, you beam and say “I’m pregnant!” with a huge smile as if excited to be puking because it lets you know that you are indeed pregnant. Yes it’s a wonderful time. I think that is the beauty of pregnancy. Any other time in your life the above situations would be horrible but when you know that they are just one step on this great journey of motherhood they are totally bearable.

I was lucky. I had two great pregnancies. I do think that pregnancy is at least in part, what you make of it. Your outlook is a huge contributor to how your pregnancy goes. I am sure that there are people who would argue with me on that and maybe they are right. I do not know. I just have to speak from my experience and the experiences of those around me. While I believe that I had a perfect and easy pregnancy both times and feel blessed that I did, that does not mean that they were without the usual pregnancy symptoms and complications. With my daughter I threw up nonstop, night and day, for two months. With my son I was just generally queezy for my entire pregnancy but I never threw up. In the third trimester of both my pregnancies my tail bone was so sore that moving from a seated position to standing was excruciating. Still I could not have been happier. I felt great! I was so excited both times. I was especially excited about my new boobs! They were huge! I was a C cup to start so they quickly reached a DD by the beginning of my third trimester both times. My husband loved them too. I looked great! Well they would have looked better if my belly didn’t stick out even further than they did but I’ll take what I can get.

I mentioned that I thought my outlook contributed greatly to my pregnancy mood. I do believe that is true and I truly credit it to one thing: Hypnobabies. I did not just wake up every day and decide I would be positive. I think that would have been harder some days. Instead I listened to my Hypnobabies pregnancy Affirmations track every day. I heard and said things like “I love my pregnant body” “I am beautiful” “I feel great” “I handle any challenge with ease” and other things like that. Hearing and saying them so often made me believe them. It was so ingrained in me that it became my reality.

Hypnobabies as well as the book “Painless Childbirth” by Giuditta Tornetta made the biggest difference in my pregnancies especially my last one. I am a big supporter of hypnosis and meditation during pregnancy and beyond. Even now I have the Hypnobabies “After your baby comes” track which I call the “you’re a good mommy” track. I think that it really makes a difference. So no matter what your pregnancy journey looks like. Take comfort that you are not alone in the hilarity, the struggles, and the great joy. Try to take a step back and relax when you feel overwhelmed and reach out to other pregnant women or moms who have been there. I strongly suggest using a pregnancy hypnosis or meditation regimen. Hypnobabies is also a complete childbirth education course that is designed to help women achieve a pain-free natural birth. It helped me do it and I highly recom